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  1. The Icelandic Pirate Party's adoption of a policy hinges on the ability to root it firmly in the core policies of the party. It must also receive sufficient support in the Pirate Party's online voting system. The online voting system is the primary method through which Pirates settle disputes and reach consensus on policies
  2. The Pirate Party's rise against the perceived corruption of Iceland's political elite is the latest— and perhaps most colorful— in a string of anti-establishment insurgencies throughout.
  3. Although the Pirate movement only spread to Iceland in 2012, the Icelandic Pirate Party is the most successful branch: it was the first to gain representatives in a national parliament.In 2013.
  4. The Icelandic branch of the Pirate Party has always been one of the most popular. Much of its success has come from the country's small, yet politically active population that is against corruption

Icelandic Pirate Party 'ready' to form part of government A poll in March showed the political group is now Iceland's biggest with 37 percent of voters backing it Asta Helgadottir, 25, is the. R Staff / R Birgitta Jonsdottir, leader of the Pirate Party of Iceland, poses for a picture at the party's office in the Icelandic Parliament in Reykjavik, Iceland, on May 25. A radical pirate party whose leader is a former WikiLeaks spokesperson and self-described poetician has a slight lead in the latest poll in Iceland. One in five Icelandic voters tend to vote for the Pirate Party, putting them in first place with 22.6% per cent of votes - 1.5 per cent ahead of centre-right Independence Party who are currently. Birgitta Jonsdottir, the co-founder of Iceland's Pirate Party, is joined by fellow activists as election results in Reykjavik. HALLDOR KOLBEINS / AFP - Getty Images Oct. 31, 2016, 9:16 AM UTC. Pirate Party wins seats in Icelandic election Three MPs to free MP3s. Simon Sharwood Mon 29 Apr 2013 // 04:49 UTC. Share. Copy. Not content with serving as a catalyst for the global financial crisis, Iceland has elected three members of the Pirate Party to its national Parliament

Pirate Party set to form government in Iceland, poll suggests. has suggested that rather than becoming prime minister she would prefer to take the position of speaker of the Icelandic parliament Second to the Icelandic Pirate Party's success is the Pirate Party in Germany, which gained seats in the state parliament in September 2011. Common policies for all Pirate Parties include defending the freedom of expression, having a commitment to work collaboratively and direct democracy

Iceland's Pirate Party, Everything You Need to Know Tim

The Icelandic Pirate Party is particularly popular among voters under 40 and has been polling consistently well since 2015. It reached a peak in April 2016 with 43% of voting intentions Icelandic Pirates asked to form Government Friday, 2 December, 2016 - 21:30 Almost a month after the most successful elections for any national Pirate Party, the Icelandic Pirate Party has been formally asked to try and form a Government after both the 2 largest parties failed to do so The Pirate Party began 10 years ago in Sweden, with a platform focused on Internet freedom. the Icelandic Pirate Party's founder wrote in Newsweek on Tuesday. This is not what Icelanders. Nearly two years after the Icelandic Pirate Party won three seats in the island nation's parliament in 2013, a new poll shows that the young party has the highest level of support of any party.

The rise of the Pirates — from radical fringe to focal point of Icelandic politics — has astonished even the party's founder, a poet, Web programmer and former WikiLeaks activist The Icelandic Pirate Party has made a record election. Early vote counts place Pirates at 14 percent, for nine ten seats of the 63-seat world's oldest Parliament. As the victory party draws to a close and the results slowly finalize, it's worth looking a little at what comes next Allar stefnur Pírata byggja á grunnstefnu Pírata þar sem gagnrýnin hugsun og vel upplýstar ákvarðanir eru í fyrirrúmi

However, a new opinion poll by Icelandic media Fréttablaðið, Stöð 2 and Vísir now puts public support for the oppposition Pirate Party at 43 per cent. The Pirate Party stood in the 2013 elections on a manifesto consisting of direct democracy, freedom of information and civil and political rights ICELAND: Icelandic pirate party, first in the world to sit in Parliament For his first major electoral event, the Icelandic Píratar pirate party has succeeded. Founded in November 2012, this young formation defending, among other things, digital freedom, garnered 5.1% of the vote in the parliamentary elections on April 27 As for the Pirate Party's own platform, transparent government, wedded to a redistribution of wealth platform, is all the rage. an idea blocked by the Icelandic Parliament in 2013. Such. Icelandic Pirate Party's coalition talks run aground. Piratir's policy cutlass is still sharp as President tells Alþingi to find any port in a storm Iceland's Pirate Party wins 10 seats, will need unlikely coalition to rule 'Regeneration' splinter party will likely be the captain-maker.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir (born 17 April 1967) is an Icelandic politician, anarchist, poet, and activist. She was a Member of the Althing (MP) for the Southwest Constituency from 2013 to 2017, representing the Pirate Party, having been elected at the 2013 election.She was previously an MP for Reykjavík Constituency South from 2009 to 2013. In November 2017, she has announced to retire from. The Iceland Monitor reported that the Pirate Party had 22.6 percent support in the latest poll taken from Oct. 14-19, a 1 1/2-point lead over the center-right Independence Party, which is currently in power, The Iceland Mnitor reported. If the results hold, it would give each party 15 seats in Iceland's 63-seat national parliament But in 2013 the Pirate Party came along. The freedom of information aspect attracted me—I'm very much against censorship. One idea being mooted at the time was the blocking of porn sites in Iceland, which set alarm bells ringing for Ásta. According to Icelandic law, pornography is illegal, she says The Pirate Party can bring some much-needed political change, although they should not rush into things either. Iceland's elections will take place on October 29, which will be an important day in history for the nation. Assuming the Pirate Party becomes the biggest party, they will need to create a coalition

The Icelandic Pirate Party and the Search for a New

The Icelandic Pirate Party is particularly popular among voters under 40 and has been polling consistently well since 2015. It reached a peak in April 2016 with 43% of voting intentions. The timing is significant. People in Iceland are clear that they want change after eight years of political and socio-economic turmoil While the Pirate Party in Sweden, and Pirate Parties around Europe, have struggled, the Pirate Party in Iceland has surged to the top of the election polls, from a mere five percent a few years. Icelandic Pirate Party candidate play's the Super Mario Bros theme using his wife as an instrumen Although the Pirate movement only spread to Iceland in 2012, the Icelandic Pirate Party is the most successful branch: it was the first to gain representatives in a national parliament. In 2013, with 5.1 percent of the vote, the Pirates took three seats in Iceland's legislature The Pirate Party, which bases its policies on civil rights, free sharing of information and direct democracy, holds 10 out of 63 seats in the Althing, Iceland's parliament

The Icelandic Pirate Party is poised to gain power in a Parliamentary election Saturday, less than four years after its founding Iceland's Pirate party is poised to win big at the country's election on Friday in a revolution that was just four years in the making. Back in 2013, the Pirates made it to the Icelandic.

Iceland Pirate Party: how the radical party has rose to

Founded in 2012, the Icelandic Pirate Party has been the most successful iteration of the movement, which swept across Europe starting with the Swedish Pirate Party, established back in 2006 The Icelandic Pirate Party, founded less than four years ago by Internet activists and civil rights campaigners, is ready to form the country's next government despite not being well-experienced in the world of politics, party member Sunna Aevarsdottir told Sputnik in an interview

The centre-right Independence Party is gaining the biggest vote share in early results from Iceland's national election, with the radical Pirate Party still hoping to become the second-largest. The Icelandic Pirate party got 5% in the last congressional election and are currently polling as the largest party at just over 20%. The amazing thing about that is not only that the Pirate party is the largest political party (by a slim margin) but also that the Independence party which has historically been the largest party by far is only.

Panama Papers: Icelandic Pirate Party 'ready' to form part

Amid scandals that threatened economy, the Icelandic Pirate Party has gained its first foothold. Birgitta Jónsdóttir is the parliamentary chair of Iceland's Pirate Party, an international movement for digital rights and democratic reform that is the country's largest political party. Amid protests in Reykjavik over the prime minister's. The Icelandic Pirate Party has won three seats in its national Parliament in the Pirates' best-ever showing on the world stage. They form a small part of the opposition to the center-right. Iceland's Pirate Party Could Be on Course for an Electoral Victory Birgitta Jonsdottir, activist member of the Icelandic parliament representing the Pirate Party, stands in front of a sculpture at. The Icelandic Pirate Party became big and find members is one thing, but you also need people in the European Parliament who can do something. That is why there is a lot of work being done to train people to learn, debate and to see the people are carefully selected: being fully behind the core values and not risking to take the power in their. The Icelandic Pirate Party's core policies include direct democracy, transparency, civil rights, the right to self-determination, public access to information and responsible decision making, a.

Iceland's Radical Pirate Party Is In The Lead Days Before

The Icelandic Pirate Party looks to garner just under a quarter of the vote, according to the latest Gallup poll, which would make it one of the two largest parties in the new parliament The Pirate Party is a political party that rejects the left-right political spectrum and instead adopts a position of reconciliation. The party is fairly new to Icelandic politics and was formed in November 2012 by Birgitta Jónsdóttir, an activist and former MP for 'The Movement', and a number of Internet activists A new poll suggests that if elections were to occur today, the Icelandic Pirate Party would secure 38.1% of the vote. Despite having the largest share, they would still need to form a coalition

What is the Pirate Party? Anti-establishment group set to

Many voters are willing to risk it all by choosing the Pirate Party, which has spectacularly captured a chunk of the Icelandic electorate despite its niche origins as a hacktivist group The Icelandic Pirate Party was elected to the Icelandic Parliament in 2013 with 5% of the votes. Three Pirates became MP's: Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Jón Thór Ólafsson Iceland's radical Pirate party, which has vowed to stamp out corruption and use online polls to form its policies, has been asked to form the country's next government, the Telegraph has learned

Iceland's Radical Pirate Party Falls Short in

No living Icelander has done more for our people and country than Björk, writes leader of the Icelandic Pirate Party Birgitta Jónsdóttir, in an escalating war of words between members of. In the 2016 parliamentary elections in Iceland, the Pirate Party celebrated its largest ever electoral success, winning 14.5 percent of the popular vote and securing 10 of the 63 seats in the Althing. While the Icelandic Pirate Party is now considered the most successful Pirate Party in Europe, the resul Iceland requires proof of a 1 million Icelandic krona ($7,360) monthly salary, or about $88,000 a year, and applicants must meet supplemental health insurance requirements The Pirate Party in Iceland booked an important victory in the local parliamentary election today, scoring 14.5% of the total vote. While lower than most polls predicted, it marks the first time.

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The Icelandic Government and Iceland's Political System. The country holds elections every four years, and they can happen earlier in extraordinary cases. The minimum age to vote is 18. In Iceland, there are currently about eleven different political parties and the most popular are the center-right and liberal Independence party The Pirate Party may sound like a novelty political outfit, but this former ragtag bunch of internet activists may be on the verge of winning Iceland's parliamentary elections Saturday

Pirate Party set to form government in Iceland, poll

The success of the Icelandic Pirates in the recent election did not just represent an electorate tired of and mistrusting the established parties, it also indicated a population keen to embrace the Pirate Party's key principles of transparency in Government, online privacy, public participation in government decision making, and access to. Iceland's Pirate Party is still the country's most popular party after it first topped polls one month ago, according to the latest MMR survey. Support for the party increased from 32 percent to 32.7 percent between April 21 and May 20 Founded in 2012, the Icelandic Pirate Party was modeled after the Swedish organization of the same name founded six years earlier. An anti-establishment party founded on principles of direct democracy, copyright reform, and personal privacy, the Icelandic Pirate Party elected its first representatives to Parliament in 2013. Sounds good to me

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Pirate parties across the world fail to replicate Iceland

Iceland's Pirate Party: what is it - and how did it become

The latest opinion poll shows the Icelandic Pirate Party running neck-and-neck with the conservative Independence Party, which has governed Iceland in a coalition with the centre Progressive Party. The Pirate Party of Iceland has received more funding for the country's upcoming general election than all its rival parties and has the lead in eight out of the last ten polls

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In the 2013 Icelandic elections, the recently-formed Icelandic Pirate Party—founded by Birgitta Jónsdóttir, an incumbent MP—won 5.1% of the vote, translating to 3 seats in the Althing (parliament) out of 63. As a result of the 2016 elections, the Pirate Party's share of seats has risen to 10 Pirate Party (Iceland). 1,301 likes · 2 talking about this. The Pirate Party is a political party in Iceland. The party's platform is based on pirate..

The Incredible, Rapid Rise of Iceland's Pirate Party

The rise of the Pirate Party- from radical fringe to focal point of Icelandic politics - has astonished even the party's founder, Birgitta Jonsdottir, seen at the party's office in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Oct. 20. (Griff Witte / Washington Post Update: The Icelandic Pirate Party is now the second biggest party in the 63 member parliament with 10 seats. This result falls short of the expected 19 seats that some polls showed, but it is still an impressive result. The party effectively tripled its number of representatives in the Icelandic parliament. Nevertheless the sweeping reforms it. With almost all votes counted, the Independence Party had 29% support and the Pirate Party 14.5%, in third place behind the Left-Green movement at 15.9%. The result should give the Independence Party about 21 seats in Iceland's 63-seat Parliament, the Althingi, with the Left-Greens and Pirates winning 10 each jrepin writes The Pirate Party now measures as the largest political party in Iceland, according to a new servey from the Icelandic market and research company MMR which regularly surveyes the support for the political parties in Iceland.Support for political parties and the government was surveyed in the period between the 13thand 18th of March. The results show that The Pirate Party has. As part of a continuing series on the upcoming Icelandic elections, I take a look at the Pirate Party, who have come from narrowly entering the Althing (the Icelandic parliament) in 2013, to surging ahead in the opinion polls and possibly forming the next government. Here, we'll take a look at the Pirates brief history

Iceland's Pirate Party started in 2012 as one of the many activist parties of the same name. It has since become the most successful incarnation of the Pirate movement, which began in Sweden in 2006. Pirates now have parties in a number of countries that campaign in support of causes such as Internet freedom, net neutrality and copyright reform Icelandic Pirate Party, which is represented in the parliament, has proposed a bill on granting NSA leaker Edward Snowden citizenship of the island nation. Iceland's political Pirate Party managed to win three seats in the Parliament, the Althing, becoming the first piratic party in the world to make it to a national legislative body. The draft law proposed by Pirate Party suggests that. At that time, the Icelandic Pirate Party had support from around 36 percent of the island's population, while the dominant party in the current coalition government, the Progressives, had just 12. The Icelandic Pirate Party is in many ways, both the party and their voters, comparable to Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece and even the Five Star Movement in Italy, Önnudóttir says The Icelandic election campaign for the Alþing, the Icelandic parliament (pictured), had been bulging back and forth in support for the major parties.One thing that looked consistent was that the nascent Icelandic Pirate Party kept growing, polling between 6.5% and 9.0% in recent polls.. As the first MP was announced for the Pirate Party from the Iceland Southwest constituency, where the.

From Iceland — Exclusive: Pirate Party MP Meets Edward

The tiny island nation might vote for a big change this Saturday The News of Iceland says the Icelandic Pirate Party is the first such party in the world to gain seats in a national legislature. The new Pirate Party MPs include a WikiLeaks volunteer, a. They show the Icelandic Pirate Party in first place, with a 22.6 percent share of the votes. This puts it slightly ahead of the Independence Party, which is currently in power Supporters of the broader pirate movement from 15 countries, along with ex-campaign workers for former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, had visited Reykjavik to back the Icelandic party.

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Pirate Party leader Birgitta Jónsdóttir was arrested for storming the Icelandic parliament in 2008 . Who is the leader of the Pirate Party? The party's leader Birgitta Jónsdóttir, 49, has a. From November 2014 to March 2015, the Icelandic Pirate Party jumped from 9% in the polls to 29%. Now, a year on, the pirates are soaring to heights of 42% , more than the two coalition parties of. The Pirate Party is now ranked as the most popular political party in Iceland following a dramatic increase in support, according to a poll. Iceland's Pirate Party formed less than three years ago. The Pirate Party is a small force in Iceland's parliament, but it has big plans. In a system such as Iceland's, where coalitions and cross-party deal-making are common, minor parties can punch. Icelandic Pirate Party Birgitta Jónsdóttir. Chaired by: Maria Hlavajova (BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht) Birgitta Jónsdóttir is an Icelandic MP for the Icelandic Pirate Party, the former spokesperson for WikiLeaks and a current spokesperson for the International Modern Media Initiative

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